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San Jose City Council Distict 7



Madison Nguyen was elected to the San Jose City Council in 2005, becoming the first Vietnamese American to serve on the city council.

Ever since her election to the city council, Councilmember Nguyens priorities have always been focused on making sure that Council District 7 provides residents a safe and healthy place to live, work and play. She has made significant progress on some of the most pressing issues that affect the district such as affordable housing, economic development, public safety, education, and transportation.

Some of the key legislative initiatives that Councilmember Nguyen advocated for include the Citys Framework for Preservation of Employment Lands, Inclusionary Housing, Public/Private Competition Policy, Living Wage Ordinance, as well as the amendment to existing city ordinance to prohibit smoking in public parks, community centers and libraries.

Councilmember Nguyen currently serves as the Chairwoman of the Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee; Member of the Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force, San Jose/Santa Clara Water Treatment Plant Advisory Committee and Silicon Valley Rapid Transit Policy Advisory Board (BART). She also serves as the Council liaison to the Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee and other key commissions and boards.

Prior to her election, Councilmember Nguyen served as the President of the Franklin-McKinley Board of Education and also taught Sociology and Vietnamese American Culture at De Anza College and Evergreen Valley College.

Born in Vietnam, Madison Nguyen and her family immigrated to the United States in the early 1980's. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History from UC Santa Cruz; and her Masters Degree in Social Science from the University of Chicago.

Mission: Dear District 7 Residents,
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