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Shin Shin Educational Foundation



Shin Shin means prosperous and is named after an old Chinese motto:"A group effort will bring prosperity." We also believe in another Chinese motto: "It takes ten years to grow a tree, and a hundred years to foster a talent". Every existence shall leave a trace behind; every diligent effort shall have an influence. We sincerely hope that our effort is only the beginning, and that it will inspire others to join our mission to enhance the education for underprivileged children. With education, the children, their next generation, and all the generations beyond will have a better life.

Mission: Shin Shin Educational Foundation provides resources, long term care, love and services to construct or renovate elementary schools in the remote, rural and despondent regions of China. Our objective is to improve their learning environment, and therefore to reduce the disparity in the quality of education between metropolitan and rural areas in China.
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