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Vision New America



Vision New America was founded in 1996 to promote the civic participation of underrepresented groups through our public policy internship programs, educational forums and community events. Our successful Youth Leadership & Civic Engagement (YLCE) Program focuses on leadership development and aims to build conscientious and responsible community leaders. Our flagship program is complemented by VNA organized and sponsored nonpartisan voter education events and forums encouraging community members, particularly youth to be more active and engaged citizens. Through our diverse means of increasing civic participation, it is our hope to expose students and community members to the value of public service, to give insight as to how the government is run, to build bridges between the community and public officials and to encourage more underrepresented groups to participate in mainstream politics and community service.

Mission: Vision New America (VNA) is a nonpartisan non-profit organization that aims to increase civic participation among underrepresented communities by developing young leaders through civic engagement and public service.
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