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Pinky Swear Foundation



When 9-year-old Mitch was being treated for cancer at the University of Minnesota Children's Hospital, he saw that other kids also being treated were not getting as much attention as he was. His family was always there, and he was always getting gifts from people who loved him.

This was an unacceptable situation for Mitch. He said, "Dad, these families need our help", and he came up with a plan. Mitch knew he had money in the bank, and he instructed his dad to withdraw it all. Later, he put the money into envelopes and slid one under each childs door on the pediatric oncology floor. This brought Mitch more joy than he had felt in a long time, and when he realized he wouldnt be around to do it again, he demanded his dad Pinky Swear to keep helping them - forever.

The Miracles of Mitch Foundation was formed by Steve and Becky Chepokas in memory of their son Mitch. Since his passing in 2003, the MOMF has provided financial and quality-of-life support to the families of children being treated for cancer in Minnesota.

Mission: The Miracles of Mitch Foundation seeks to increase the awareness and understanding of childhood cancer and its impact emotionally, physically and financially.
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