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COMPAS... powering imaginations, learning, and life with the arts!

Theres something special that happens when you create art... the feel of clay in your hands... the thrill of finding the right words... the joy of mastering a complicated dance step... the release of color onto a canvas...

Young people learn a new way to express themselves and how to be innovative thinkers. It improves academic achievement. Older adults find new meaning and an increased sense of wellness. It unleashes the power to think about things in a different way, to see different possibilities.

For almost 40 years COMPAS has sparked childrens imaginations, brought creativity into the lives of older adults and inspired people to create through participatory arts programs: students, teens, hospital patients, residents of care centers and others learn about AND create art. All programs are led by professional artists and held onsite at schools, hospitals, senior living centers and other community gathering spots.

The roster of artists who lead COMPAS programs includes over 100 individuals and organizations from over 40 different cultures and ethnic backgrounds in just about every art form, including visual arts, performing arts, music, writing, spoken word, dance and much more.

Join us and use the arts to power your imagination, learning and life!

Mission: COMPAS - Community Programs in the Arts - enables people to experience and create the arts by connecting communities, cultures and artists.
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