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Nice Ride Minnesota



We see a bike sharing program that will permanently change the way people experience and perceive our city, as well as the way they experience and perceive transportation.

Nice Ride will create a more vibrant city, a place where people want to work, live and play.

Nice Ride will show that the benefits of alternative transportation are many and lasting.

Nice Ride Minnesota is part of a growing community of people and organizations working for active lifestyles, vibrant cities, and livable public spaces. We will help build that community by making it easy for everyone to ride a bike downtown and to feel safe and welcome on a bike. We are reaching out to students, office workers, and downtown residents. We are partnering with large and small businesses, local government, transit providers, and universities. Become part of the Nice Ride community, share your favorite places to ride, and learn about bike-friendly initiatives and events.

Mission: To enhance the quality of our urban life by providing a convenient, easy-to-use bike sharing program that will provide residents and visitors a healthy, fun, different way to get around town.
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