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Circle of Hope



Circle of Hope provides financial help for breast cancer treatment bills and pays the providers for patients in financial distress and in poverty.

Circle of Hope will be paying breast cancer patients bills next year after fundraising and small grants are obtained. (mortgage/rent, utilities, food and gas)

Circle of Hope provides a support group (Circle of Support) for breast and gynecological cancer patients that helps them to celebrate life and offers educational materials and resources. Everything is free of charge.

Circle of Hope has seveal sports teams and other classes for these patients. They have two dragon boat teams called The Many Faces of Breast Cancer and Much More.

They send out prayer boxes to all breast and gynecological cancer patients.

They offer educational resources at health fairs and are speakers in the region.

Circle of Hope members volunteer for activities that meet their same mission. They partner with other agencies with the same mission.

No one is paid a salary in this organization. They are the only grass roots volunteer organization in the region that has unpaid volunteers and even the coordiantor is unpaid.

Mission: Circle of Hope is committed to clients with a breast cancer diagnosis financially and through supportive resources. They also help gynecological patients through supportive services.
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