Bystander CPR


The Need
  • Local Bystander CPR assist rate: 12%
  • National Rate: 32%
  • Norfolk rate of return of spontaneous circulation: 16%
  • National average: 34%
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can greatly improve the odds of neurologically intact survival from cardiac arrest
Project Description
  • Qualify as Bystander CPR instructors, run Bystander CPR and AED training with people in high-risk communities in Norfolk
  • Quantify a baseline for awareness and measure the impact of Bystander CPR training locally
Annual Student Activities
  • 70-80 students in the initiative thus far.
  • Bystander CPR students ride along with Norfolk Fire and Rescue (NFR) personnel—first-hand challenges experience.
  • Over 2,000 Community Members trained, over 1,000 responding to knowledge surveys.
  • Norfolk City Hall employee trained by EVMS witnessed an arrest, responded, and saved a life the day after our Bystander CPR training.
  • Research recently accepted to the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions Conference.
  • Helped to increase Bystander CPR Rate from 12% in 2013 to over 26% today.
Sustainable Development Goals
69 People | 123 Impacts | 155 Hours




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