Street Health


EVMS Street Health is dedicated to bridging the gap between the Norfolk homeless population and the healthcare system. By interacting with this population on the streets and at shelters, we work to meet them where they are. We aim to determine and overcome the barriers that the homeless population normally faces in receiving healthcare, whether economic, social, or physical.

The Need
  • Homelessness in Hampton Roads is a systemic challenge
  • Homelessness affects both families & individuals
  • Individuals who are homeless experience significant health challenges
  • This vulnerable population would likely benefit from additional screening
  • Access to healthcare among Norfolk’s homeless and attention

Project Descriptions
  • Host clinics, both in person and via telehealth, for regular participants in the NEST and HART programs and for unsheltered street homeless identified by the City of Norfolk to End Homelessness
  • Conduct basic health screening, provide acute medical care, and organize referrals for accessible follow-up care
  • Develop patient information and resource databases to provide patients with information on personal health and programs available for further assistance with every day life
  • Collect patient data and conduct cost conscious research, exploring ways to provide better care for homeless populations
  • Distribute care packages, including clothing, food, hygiene products, and self care items
Sustainable Development Goals
364 People | 1,766 Impact | 3,545 Hours




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