Beat of My Heart


The Need
  • Mental health is a major public health concern that is often poorly acknowledged and lacks accessible support and treatment
  • In 2017, an estimated 60,000 people in the Norfolk community were directly affected by mental health or suicidality
  • Depression is a relevant and critical concern to our community in Hampton Roads, and it is a costly component of the state health care expenditure
  • An inpatient hospitalization is often an isolating experience, and depression is more likely to arise in patients who have spent time in the inpatient setting
Project Description
  • Participate in music and dance enrichment sessions for patients at CHKD Cancer & Blood Disorders Center to facilitate human and social connection
  • Potential to study outcomes of surveys measuring engagement, depression, and quality of life
  • Guide patients at high risk for hospital readmission using a recreational music-making program to decrease the likelihood of readmission
  • Reach out to the Hampton Roads and EVMS community by providing mental health and wellness improvement education
Annual Student Activities
  • 10 students per cohort
  • Students will become trained to implement enrichment sessions
Sustainable Development Goals
63 People | 446 Impacts | 587 Hours