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Augsburg Fairview Academy



Augsburg Fairview Academy offers a teen-friendly (and family-friendly)atmosphere in which students are deeply respected and everyone is held to a high standard of personal honor. In order that they may grow in motivation and self-discipline, Academy students are treated like adults and given a great deal of trust and independence with the expectation that they will, in turn, conduct themselves as responsible and self-directed learners.

At the Academy, students find their place among people who care a great deal about them and their future. They encounter adults who are ready and willing to see the world from their perspective, and to use positive, strength-based approaches to help them if and when their troubled emotions lead to troubling behavior. At the Academy, we dont resort to punishment when a student fails to be well-behaved, honest, curious and eager. Instead, we help "our kids" overcome their problem(s) by forging strong relationships grounded in the Circle of Courage and its four principles: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.

Mission: Augsburg Fairview Academy invites young adults from diverse communities to prepare for college, career, and life through an intense program of rigorous study and real-world connections to health care, education, and other human services.
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