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Abbey's Hope Charitable Foundation



In June 2007, 6 year old Abigail Taylor was entrapped and disemboweled by the suction from an uncovered pool drain. Abbey fought bravely but sadly after 9 months of fighting, Abbey passed away. Early in her fight, Abbey said that her hope was that no child would ever suffer as she did. In her name, Abbeys Hope Charitable Foundation champions for pool safety by educating, promoting and upholding safety standards for all pools.

Abbey's Hope is a nonprofit focused on educating parents and kids about the dangers in and around the pool. We do this by not only educating parent and kids, but also by working with pool industry professionals to create partnerships. In addition, we partner with other safety nonprofits and family foundations focused on pool safety.

We educate and advocate for safer pools through safety programs, marketing throughout the community and through legislation. We have multiple volunteer opportunities for all events and markets and we would love to have you be a part of Abbey's Hope. We look forward to meeting with you!

Safer Pools. Safer Kids.

Mission: Six year-old Abbey Taylor's hope was that no child should ever suffer like she did as the result of an improperly maintained pool. In her name, the Foundation will work tirelessly toward a world with safer pools by providing education and advocating for comprehensive safety standards for all pools.
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