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Art for Life's Sake, Inc



Art for Life's Sake (AFLS) is a Memphis-based nonprofit organization that was founded to create arts opportunities for urban and low income families. It was founded in 1990 as an after school program but was expanded later to include weekend school. The vision of AFLS is that every child's creativity and talent is nurtured in an environment that promotes the arts, skills development and artistic expression for an enriched childhood and productive future. The mission of AFLS is accomplished through four programs after school, on Saturdays, and during the summer for young people ages four to seventeen. The core program is Memphis Urban Strings Ignites Creativity (MUSIC). The other programs are: Words Wisely Used and Awesomely Spoken (WWUAS), Spanish Vocabulary and Conversation (S-VAC), and Stepping to A Healthy Beat (STAHB) - a movement education and healthy eating project.

Mission: The mission of Art for Life's Sake is to provide music education and access to the arts for the underserved.
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