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The L.I.F.E. Projects mentoring programs seeks to service and benefit a number of inner city high-risk youth ages 12-21 years old that are having behavioral and academic problems. There will be an array of opportunities to learn new skills that will enhance their quality of life as young men and women. The main components of L.I.F.E. are Civic Engagement, Violence Intervention/Prevention, Youth Development, and Academic Enrichment. The main elements of L.I.F.E. are aimed at the transitional period and building relationships. The mentoring program will have a positive effect on behavioral and academic outcomes among the "high-risk" adolescents by incorporating evidence-base interventions used to increase reliance in youth from the 40 developmental assets. The program will promote learning new skills, using a coaching/hands on approach by providing motivational interviewing, Psychodynamics therapy, CBT, Reality therapy (learning theory), coaching approach (evidence-base) and self-motivation. These programs are geared towards improving academics and reducing self-destructive behaviors, along with enhancing their etiquette, leadership skills, sense of future/reliance and overall professional developmental.

Mission: The purpose of the organization is aimed at doing nothing less than breaking the cycle of behavioral problems in high-risk urban youth and transforming them into productive and successful individuals. This purpose will be accomplished through a hands-on approach of empowering these adolescents with an array of new skills and competencies, improving self-esteem, and encouraging overall community improvement.
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