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Keep Louisville Weird/Louisville Independent Business Alliance



Louisville is a special place filled with lots of unique things to see and do, interesting places to shop and terrific places to eat and drink that you won't find in any other city in America. Your patronage of these businesses helps Louisville retain its own special flavor. Not only is a certain amount of civic pride on the line here, a lot of commerce is at stake as well. A recent study in Austin, Texas clearly contrasted the economic impact of money spent at locally-owned independent businesses to that same amount of money spent at chain stores. The percentage of money spent in locally-owned businesses that actually stays in the community is far greater than the percentage of money spent in the national chains. Even minor spending habit changes can contribute millions to the local economy.

Mission: Keep Louisville Weird is a campaign of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance. LIBA's mission is to preserve the unique community character of the Metro Louisville area by promoting locally-owned businesses and to educate citizens on the value of purchasing locally.
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