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Affordable Energy Corporation



AFFORDABLE ENERGY CORPORATION is a local 501(c)3 non-profit that administers the ALL SEASONS ASSURANCE PLAN (ASAP). ASAP is a year-long utility assistance program that provides a monthly utility benefit for low and fixed income households to ease the burden of high energy costs. Funding is provided by LG&E ratepayers through the 15 cents monthly meter charge. The yearly number of participants is based on available funding.

Our clients must meet the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Guidelines (LIHEAP) and be referred to our organization through their local community action agency. This is an invitation only program.

Our program is called the All Seasons Assurance Plan (ASAP) because we provide financial assistance through all seasons of the year. Clients can receive from $200, up to $1000 a year in benefits, which are based on income, household size and energy usage.

Mission: It is our mission to provide financial assistance on energy bills and weatherization education to encourage energy conservation.
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