Urban Patchwork



Urban Patchwork (UP) is a network of neighborhood-scale farms growing fresh food in urban yards since 2009. People share time, space and money to create abundance. Walkable. Bike-able. Community owned food.

UP currently supports communities in Austin, Texas. We're helping make Austin home to a network of food hubs that improve access to locally grown and prepared foods through community-owned production and farmstands in every neighborhood.

By working together and sharing resources, we increase access to fresh produce, fruits, nuts and eggs and we reduce the amount of work required to thrive.

Urban Patchwork also trains new urban farmers in sustainable, small scale horticultural and regenerative food production and cooperative governance to establish Austin's first community produced food system.

Our vision is that every neighborhood in Austin has its own network of food forests and weekly farm stands run and supported by neighbors who live within walking/biking distance of where their food is grown.
77 People | 10 Impacts | 51 Hours