Sammamish Children's School



The Sammamish Children’s School is a well-established school offering a curriculum shaped by Montessori, Piaget, Gottman and Siegel Principles. We believe that children are best prepared academically through hands-on experiences and quality social interaction.

Our hands-on, science-based curriculum gives children a boost into educational excellence, while fostering curiousity, independence, self-reliance, and emotional maturity.

Situated on four acres, our campus offers ample room for kids to run, play and learn. We are a certified wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation. Our numerous outdoor play areas provide children areas to explore nature.

Our healthy meals, year-round outdoor spaces, and well-trained caring staff are some of the reasons families have entrusted us with their children’s early learning since 1973.

Families experience deep comfort knowing they can rely on Sammamish Children’s School as an important part of their child’s life.

Sustainable Development Goals
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