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Flow Zone, Inc.



Flow Zone Arts & Outreach Center Provides summer day ca mps, after-school activit ies, tutori ng, workshops, emergency food assistance, and college preparation programs tha t en ha nce job readiness and prepare youth for life after high school.

Summer day camps- Summer day camps will be available to children and youth in the community every summer in July. 3 one week sessions will include breakfast, lunch, arts & crafts, and various activities including special guests!

After-SchoolTutoring- After school tutoring will be directed by a certified experienced teacher and trained volunteers. The focus of the tutoring program is to limit regression in math and reading skills during the school year and a ssist with homework.

After-School activities- School aged youth will participate in educational games, as they learn valuable social skills during the school year.

SummerTutoring- Summer tutoring will be directed by a certified experienced teacher and trained volunteers. The focus of the tutoring program is to limit regression in math and reading skills over summer months.

Workshops-Youth and Adults will be provided with quality workshops once a month that will teach them valuable skills necessary to lead productive lives. Community leaders, business professionals, and entrepreneurs who are experienced will share their expertise.

Performing Arts Workshops

Theater Workshop: Adults and children work together on a specific production. The cast participants make their own stage sets and costumes as well as focus on voice, self-confidence, working collaboratively, and poise in front of an audience. Two or three final, public performances will be scheduled along with a cast party and refreshments. Lets Dance:Year round evening and Saturday classes focusing on ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical. Recitals provide students, family and friends with a spectacular experience. Student Showcase Exhibition: gallery exhibition featuring artwork created by local Elementary, Middle, and High school students. This free, annual program includes a reception and awards presentation.

Emergency food assistance- Runs every Saturday from 12noon-2pm. Intake procedures: Must provide one of the following: drivers license, birth certificate, insurance card, passport, or Social Security card. Eligibility requirements: Families can receive assistance once per month. Families must fill out a form upon receiving food assistance.

Kids Flow- Runs every 2 nd and 4 th Saturday of every month (beginning in August 2012) from 12noon-2pm. Two hour classes focus on a number of educational and artistic projects--painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, creative crafts are a few of the areas covered. Kids ages 7-13 are invited to participate (kids under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult).

College preparation program - The name of our college preparation program is: The Intersection (where needs and opportunities meet). During the school year, the program serves young adults ages 16-25 from low-income families, and young adults from families in which neither parent holds a bachelors degree. The goal of The Intersection is to increase the rate at which participants complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education. The Intersection activities include: going on college visits, participating in service projects, ACT and SAT preparation, and more.

Target Opening

Our targeted grand opening is July 2012! The positive and supportive atmosphere of The Flow Zone Arts and Outreach Center is a much needed alternative to the violence, drugs, truancy and poverty, which have become neighborhood trademarks in parts of Tulsa county.


T he Flow Zone Arts and Outreach Center is volunteer-driven and welcomes anyone that wan ts to use his or her skills and talents to make a difference. You can give a few hours o r an entir e day volunteering in one of our programs that benefit the communi ty we serve. We are always in need of people that wan t to be the change they want to see in the world.

Mission: In Partnership with the Tulsa Community Foundation, Flow Zone, Inc. educates and invests in Millennials to increase civic involvement, build community leadership, and promote change that will carry on to our next generation. Flow Zone, Inc.'s programs offer preparation for life's challenges and opportunities, by improving:
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