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Family & Children's Services



Family & Children's Services will be well known as an "agency of choice" in providing premier child and family services and mental health treatment by clients, funders, partners, donors, employees, interns, volunteers and the general community.

F&CS will be seen as a leading organization for investing resources.

F&CS will have a talented workforce in ample numbers.

F&CS will have the financial strength to maintain quality professional staff and services and provide the technology, facilities and organizaitonal capacity needed to respond to emerging community needs.

F&CS will be a "partner of choice" with others to offer innovative, best-practice programs to diverse populations.

F&CS will be the "provider of choice" in delivering high-quality and cost-effective behavioral health care and family services.

This plan ensures a balance of strategic goals that support the vision, mission and organization as a whole.

Mission: Family & Children's Services shall promote, support, enhance and strengthen the development of family life, and the well-being and mental health of families, children and individuals.
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