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Posimoto- Changing Faces Inc.



Posimoto- Changing Faces is a 501(c)3 non-profit mentoring program founded in Tampa, Florida in 2012. Our focus is to improve self-esteem, enhance educational achievement, and increase the moral awareness and development of youths and young adults ages 8-25 through - Posimoto - a positive outlook. In essence, Posimoto - the character is a representation of our company, "no one leaves without a smile" Posimoto, will make an impact on youth and young adults. They will be able to relate to Posimoto because Posimoto embodies our never ending desire for self-improvement plus Posimoto is fun, inspiring, educated and ultimately a role-model!

Each Saturday there is a specific focus on a growth development theme such as, self- esteem building, leadership skills, communication and listening skills, respect, healthy living, accepting responsibility, family value, and financial awareness. We have activities specifically geared toward the varying age groups. The activities involved in these subjects are created to provide an ever lasting impact on each mentoring participant. These particular themes involve subjects that youth will not receive in school, but rather in real life experiences once they have completed high school.

Mission: Our mission is to help our youth and young adults to realize that they can succeed, if they just put their mind to it. We will give our youth and young adults the opportunity to learn new things to foster their growth development such as learning computer skills, improving communication skills; access training opportunities, and those who participate in the program will ultimately qualify for college scholarships. We are here to help youth maximize their chances of accomplishing their goals. Realizing that not everyone has someone to look up to, this organization strives to provide mentoring for those who are in need, to help them realize the power of positivity and how far it will get them in life. As such, Posimoto-Changing Faces seeks to combine both mentoring and educational improvement programs for children and young adults. Through a variety of hands-on weekly projects, college students and other volunteer mentors will work as a team to provide mentoring activities geared toward positive self-improvement to at-risk children and struggling young adults in both individual and group settings.
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