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Elizabeth Animal Rescue Sancutary (E.A.R.S.)



Our founder, Sue, had the life changing opportunity to participate in rescuing animals in the 9th Ward of New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina hit the area. After she returned to the Tampa Bay area she knew she had to do more. Inspired by her grandmother, and with the help of dedicated volunteers, Sue founded E.A.R.S (a 501(c)3 non profit) to help unwanted and abused animals.

Mission: People helping animals, Animals helping people E.A.R.S Rescue (a 501(c)3 non profit) is not just a shelter & sanctuary for animals, but for the people that love and care for them as well. We pride ourselves on the fact that our animals are all happy and well taken care of until they find their new home. As volunteers of E.A.R.S we open our hearts and our homes to animals in need, as long as that may be.
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