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Youth LIFT



The purpose of Youth LIFT is to help homeless teens succeed academically, graduate from high school, and work toward a rewarding career. We do this by providing tutoring and mentoring opportunities to homeless teens. We also provide educational trips to help homeless youth learn about career opportunities that may interest them and the educational requirements of those careers. Youth LIFT attempts to inspire homeless youth to stay in school and graduate from high school to give them the resources to move to a life off the streets.

Homeless children are likely to continue a pattern of homelessness. Without education, homeless youth are bound for low-paying jobs, poverty, and further instability in their adult lives. Access to a proper education is an important step to ensuring the future success of these youth.

Homeless youth face many barriers to academic achievement including transportation issues, health problems, inadequate study conditions, constant mobility, and developmental delays. Youth LIFT works to help homeless teens overcome these barriers to succeed in school.

Mission: helping homeless youth succeed through education
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