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Covington Partners



Throughout Covington schools, more than 150 adults dedicate two to four hours a month as a positive adult role model to Covington youth through mentoring. Mentors have the opportunity to work with students in grades 3-12 in a program that meets their interest. They may be school-based and visit at the school during school hours, or community-based, which means they can spend their time together in the evenings or on weekends. All matches have the support of a coordinator, and often of a Family Resource Coordinator in the school building. Mentors develop relationships with students and work together, in an informal setting, to strengthen life skills youth need to develop into healthy and productive adults. Their time spent together can be spent talking, playing games, doing art, reading, doing puzzles, attending sporting or school events, making dinner, visiting a park, trying a new restaurant, and more! Data shows that these positive relationships are highly impactful. Students with mentors increase their school attendance, behavior, and academic achievement.

Mission: Covington Partners collaborates with the schools and community to: Prevent Drug Use and Violence; Strengthen Families, Promote Physical and Mental Health, and Train and Support Staff.
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