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Mason Food Pantry



We are a client choice pantry, designed to offer clients a unique opportunity to relieve short term situations of emergency and distress. Here you get to choose which food products best suit clients family's tastes.

The USDA Food Pyramid is our guide for sorting food. Broken down by category and colorized for convenience, clients have the freedom to choose products that represent each food group.

The Food Pyramid follows the colors of the rainbow. The color red represents the fruit group, orange is for grains, yellow is for oils and sweets, green is for vegetables, purple is for meat and proteins. Brown stands for combination foods that fall into more than one food group. We also offer an additional categories, white is for personal items. Products are limited based upon availability.

Food is distributed on a point system that is based upon household size. It may sound complicated but the selection process is similar to grocery shopping and we keep you advised of your remaining point value throughout the course of the visit. It is our aim to make this process as stress free as possible.

Mission: Our mission is to share the products donated to us with those among us who have temporary income shortfall or short-term excess expenses by providing basic food and health care goods at no cost.
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CausesCommunity Food Insecurity, Hunger Older Adults