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Utah Food Bank



During more than 100 years of service, the accomplishment of which Utah Food Bank is most proud and dedicated is a strong record of service to citizens living in poverty or hardship. Utah Food Bank has been able to organize the communities of Utah to help through food drives, volunteerism, and corporate and governmental participation.

Utah Food Bank serves a diverse population through different programs. The following are the programs that we are able to provide in the community. We provide hot meals to low-income children through the Kids Cafe program and shelf stable, kid friendly food to low-income children for weekend use through the BackPack Program. The Food Box program provides a supplemental box of food to low-income seniors (60+ years) each month.

The food for each of these programs is provided by community food drives and commercial donations. Emergency food provided to partner agencies comes through multiple channels, including the two mentioned above, and purchased food.

Mission: Fighting Hunger Statewide.
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CausesChildren & Youth Persons with Disabilities Food Insecurity, Hunger Immigrants & Refugees Older Adults