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Refugee and Immigrant Center- Asian Association of Utah



The Refugee and Immigrant Center at the Asian Association of Utah (RIC-AAU) is a private, non-profit and community-based organization. The RIC-AAU was founded in 1977. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of refugees and other immigrants. We provide culturally-sensitive and language-specific social services that include education, employment services, advocacy, mental health treatment, domestic violence counseling, substance abuse treatment for adults and youth, parenting classes, English Classes, after-school tutoring and activities, and case management.

The RIC-AAU provides multi-level services to the immigrant and refugee populations. In 35 years, we have served more than 7,500 with job placement, 40,000 hours of counseling, 9,500 youth and families in prevention programs, 1,450 families in parenting skills training, and 6,600 adults in English and Citizenship classes. We work closely with the resettlement agencies, state protective services, alcohol and drug prevention and treatment programs, and many others.

Mission: Our mission is to improve the lives of refugees and other immigrants through providing a number of services to promote self-sufficiency.
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