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Against the Grain



Education + Mentorship = Empowerment

Education is at the core of AtGs programs. What began eight years ago as a simple Bible Study for low-income single mothers has grown into a life-changing curriculum which offers hope to reverse negative generational cycles of abuse, addiction and poverty. The 180 Program is a proven life-transforming process that is being offered to hundreds of individuals in several locations.

In all of its teaching and programs, AtG seeks to:

Guide participants to love and serve God and their family.Provide an opportunity for participants to be empowered in a safe learning environmentIntegrate participants family into the processInstill in participants a sense of respect for their heritageCommunicate to participants a sense of responsibility for their present behaviors, attitudes and situationsInspire participants with a sense of destiny and purpose for their lives and the lives of their families.

Mission: The mission of AtG is to educate and empower men, women and children who have a history of abuse, addiction or negative generational cycles to achieve and fully experience their unique, God-given potential.
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