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Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee, Inc.



Kindergarten-12th grade students need to see the value of their education. They ask questions like: Why do I need to go to school? What difference will a high school diploma really make? Will classroom learning ever be applied outside of school? What is the point of math anyway? Junior Achievement has the answers to those questions. Grade-specific programming is presented by community volunteers who teach students about economics, entrepreneurship, personal finance, workforce readiness, and other skills that students need to succeed in the real world. JA seeks to prepare our young people for the world of work, inspiring our future leaders and igniting a passion for excellence.

As a JA Volunteer, you will receive comprehensive training and a turnkey program materials kit that will provide you with all the resources needed to successfully lead a JA program in a local classroom. Programs are comprised of 5 weekly sessions at the elementary level, 6 at the middle school level, and 7 sessions at the high school level; each session takes 30-45 minutes to complete. Every effort is made to accommodate volunteers' geographic, time, and grade level preferences.

If you enjoy working with children, are passionate about business and financial responsibility, and are dedicated to ensuring today's children are prepared to become tomorrow's workforce, then consider serving as a JA volunteer.

Mission: Junior Achievement of Middle Tennessee seeks to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.
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