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Gardner's House Inc



To treat the patient, whose life has been devastated by cancer, as a whole and valued person by providing support services for their basic physical and emotional needs.

Mission: Gardner's House Inc is a place for cancer survivors and their families to go for Respite. There are many such places in other states but none in the City of Hartford or its surrounding cities and towns. Gardner's House offers a comprehensive and holistic environment for cancer patients and their families. We are an advocate for those needing help with basic needs, by providing accurate information, and social and emotional support in a private setting. It is a place to help the patients and family members relieve stress, for the family to get advice on how to handle their desperate situation, and to recover and return to a full and normal life. We offer referrals to local and state agencies with resources to assist financially and socially. We also help fill the void that is left by the disease by offering a home away from home, a place of peace and quiet, an oasis in the desert, a place to heal body, soul and mind. By eliminating the hospital and hospice atmosphere, we can offer an optimistic place for healing and recuperation in our wellness center.
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CausesCommunity Persons with Disabilities Health Food Insecurity, Hunger Gender