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Connecticut Humane Society



The Connecticut Humane Society provides many services to the community that effect people and pets of all ages and backgrounds. Shelter services include Pet Adoption, Surrender of Pets, Law Enforcement Support Services and Dog Obedience/Behavior Consultation. Services for children include Tours, The Kindness Club, Camp Claire and The KIND News newsletter. Services for senior citizens include Pet Facilitated Therapy and Pets for People. Reduced cost veterinary services are available to people in financial need through our Fox Memorial Clinic, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Connecticut Humane Society. A large and continually expanding volunteer program allows us to serve many more people and animals than we could without volunteers.

Mission: As stated in the Act Incorporating the Connecticut Humane Society in 1881, "The purpose of the Society is to promote humanity and kindness, and to prevent cruelty ato both man and animals, by information, statistics, appropriate literature, and by any and all lawful means which they may deem wise and best, and by assisting in the prosecution of crimes of a cruel and inhumane nature; and generally to encourage justice and humanity, and to discourage injustice and inhumanity"
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