Second Harvest Food Bank In-House/Warehouse


We would love to have you (12 yrs of age and up) join us at our distribution center. Each day there will be projects like: packing, produce sorting, flyer folding, thank you writing, white line cleaning, trash taking out, sanitizing, etc. 

    • Volunteers must wear sturdy closed toed shoes (no crocs, sandals or flip flops).
    • Volunteers will dress comfortably and appropriately for warehouse type work with food products (no shorts or skirts above 6" from knee, no midriff/belly exposed, no spaghetti straps or tank tops).
    • Volunteers will often need to wear gloves and change them as needed (non-latex gloves available).
    • We ask that you wrap up the task you are working on about 10 min. before you need to leave and help with clean up as well as sanitize your area.

Please do not volunteer if you are not feeling well or have symptoms of illness. Our community relies on our staff and volunteers!!!

Please cancel 24 hours in advance (unless ill, then you are welcome to call us and let us know if you can)

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