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Academy for Career Exploration



The Academy for Career Exploration (ACE), seeks support for key initiatives that provide high school students with the necessary skills to be educationally and occupationally ready for post-secondary education, training and/or gainful employment. In addition to a rigorous academic school and community service, job placement, and internship requirements, ACE offers a Healthcare & Science Career Pathway and a Hospitality and Business Management Pathway for our students who are 97 percent minority. According to labor and employment statistics, these industries will provide opportunities for gainful employment well into the future.

We are actively seeking to expand upon our existing pool of volunteers and partnerships with higher education and industry to ensure that our students graduate with the skills that make them college and/or career ready and to expand the types of industry certifications they can obtain while still in high school.

For instance, through existing partnerships, qualified high school students enrolled in our Healthcare & Science Pathway Program, can earn certifications as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-I). All qualified twelve graders can also participate in the CCRI Running Start Program to earn college credits while meeting high school graduation requirements. These types of career exploration, certification, and college credit programs are especially critical for our school because of a student/parent population with very limited financial means that does not have access to the funding and resources needed to secure these opportunities.

Mission: ACE inspires students to achieve their greatest potential by providing a supportive, customized learning experience that is the foundation for career and life goals.
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