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Riverzedge Arts



Riverzedge Arts is a youth development program giving educationally and economically disenfranchised youth (ages 12-24) in northern Rhode Island paid employment in the arts and a voice in their community. Based in Woonsocket, one of Rhode Island's poorest cities, Riverzedge engages teens in a lifestyle of creative expression, disciplined effort, and economic self-reliance. Riverzedge is both a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a social enterprise (a business in service of a social mission).

Hallmark programs at Riverzedge include:

The Arts & Business Entrepreneuship Program: Youth run micro-businesses in art and design and are paid educational stipends to create client projects and public works, while gaining workforce skills, college readiness, and experience in the fine and commerical arts. Riverzedge runs five studios in graphic design, digital photography and video, screen printing, visual art, and 'green' (sustainable) design.Expanded Learning Opportunities Woonsocket: Students earn high school credit through independent learning projects completed with professional mentors, outside of school hours.Mobile Studio: Innovative and customizable art and design classes for K-12 schools in low-income school districts.After Hours: Free, hands-on evening classes for middle and high school students in media, entrepreneurship, and the arts.The Woonsocket Parent Leadership Training Insitute (PLTI): A parent engagement intiative in which parents and community members learn to become advocates for children and develop skills in civics, democracy, and leadership.

Mission: Riverzedge Arts creates positive educational and economic outcomes for disadvantaged urban youth and their communities through artistic expression, disciplined effort and self-reliance.
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