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Teenage Driving Safety



Driving an automobile is one of the most dangerous things a teen will do. Simply put, more teens die from automobile accidents than from all other fatalities combined. Over the last few years, vehicle safety has improved marginally, but potential distractions have multiplied exponentially. Cell phones, MP3 players, Text messaging, PDAs Navigation Systems and DVD players are just some of the things that can take attention away from the task of responsible driving. Because teens have less experience driving, then tend to engage in driving behavior that their older and more experienced peers would not.

Education is an important tool in helping teens realize the risks involved in driving an automobile. Even if the teen is a passenger, this knowledge can help them in recognizing potentially risky situations or behavior.

Some contributing factors:


Driver distraction includes, eating, drinking, loud music, friends, phone and texting.

Excessive speed, not obeying traffic laws

Drowsy Driving

Add to these the fact that teens usually are driving less expensive, older automobiles, which are often less safe in a crash, and you have a potentially life threatening situation.

Mission: TDS mission is to educate young drivers safe and healthy driving habits to reduce the number of teenage traffic fatalities.
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