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Foster Care Review Board



The FCRB welcomes all community members who are interested in the welfare of foster children. NO specific qualifications are necessary in order to serve on a board. Case reviews are conducted in all counties and we seek board members who bring a wealth of experience, cultural diversity, and a willingness to work in a team environment to the Board. Potential volunteers are required to complete an application, undergo a background check, complete an informal interview process, and participate in monthly case reviews. The applicant must complete and application form and have fingerprints and background checks completed.

Mission: The Foster Care Review Board is established by Arizona statute to review at least every six months the case of each child in foster care. The purpose of these reviews is to determine and advise the juvenile court of the adequacy of efforts and progress toward placement of the child in a permanent home; to encourage and facilitate the return of each dependent child to his/her family whenever possible; to promote and encourage stability in the child's placement; to assist in informing parents and others of their rights and responsibilities regarding a dependent child in foster care; and through the State Board, to make recommendations to the Supreme Court, the Governor, and the legislature regarding foster care.
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