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All Souls Procession



The All Souls Procession is a celebration and mourning of the lives of our loved ones who have passed.

It was created to serve the need to publicly and creatively mourn and reflect on the universal experience of death and loss, to grieve and celebrate our loved ones and ancestors.

As an entirely volunteer-run arts organization, we provide lots of opportunities for folks to engage in everything from arts and crafts management, stage building, merchandise booth volunteers, ushering, fire safety, performance, etc.

Events & Volunteer Opportunities

General Pre-Procession Volunteer Work

Postering crew

All Souls Procession Workshops

Over 500 people each year create floats, masks, lanterns, shrines, and other art projects at the free All Souls Procession Workshops. Whether they come in looking for help figuring out what to do--or know exactly what they want to create when they walk in the door--the Workshop director and volunteers are there to help.

See some of our workshop participants in action here.

Cardboard Ball!Workshop AideDrop-in Workshop HelpInstructor

Procession of Little Angels

The day before the All Souls Procession, the Procession of Little Angels (PoLA) is held. It's a child-sized, child-inspired event to remember those who have been lost in a child's way. PoLA includes arts tables, wing-painting, children's performances, community altars, and a children's Procession.

Assist at Children's Costuming WorkshopsVolunteer at Little AngelsFacepainting

All Souls Procession

During the All Souls Procession, 40,000 participants walk the streets of downtown Tucson for a two-mile long human-powered procession that ends with the Finale, during which we burn a large Urn filled with hopes, offerings, remembrances, wishes, and prayers for those who have passed.

Procession participants create costumes, altars, floats, masks, puppets, music, and performance to honor and celebrate their loved ones and grapple with the universally shared experience of loss and grief.

General HelpFacepaintingFundraising Busking CrewUsher the ProcessionUrn AmbassadorFinale Stage Crew

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Mission: Many Mouths One Stomach, a non-profit arts collective based in Tucson, AZ, is the organizing body for the All Souls Procession. It is a vehicle for working artists to collaborate, create, and inspire the public through Festal Culture. "Festal Culture" refers to the expression and fulfillment of core human needs through public celebration, ceremony, and ritual.
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