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Kings View Behavioral Health Systems



Kings View's primary area of service is Central and Northern California, concentrating on providing services to individuals that are unserved or underserved as a result of geographical location, financial limitations, or lack of understanding and awareness.

Our goal is to contribute to the wellbeing of patients and clients served by being attentive to their needs for wholeness (body, mind and spirit). Kings View has close historical and current connections with the Mennonite faith community and is a sponsoring member of Mennonite Health Services Alliance ( , a national organization of health care providers.

Kings View is committed to providing the highest quality of professional services possible. This is achieved by attracting excellent staff and organizing our programs with the intent of meeting the needs of our patients and clients. Kings View services are provided largely through contracting with other health providers, county behavioral health departments, regional centers serving developmentally disabled, and other public agencies.

Kings View philosophy regarding community health care is centered on the concept of collaboration with other community health care providers and agencies. The resulting expectation is the creation of quality care that is accessible to those in need while maximizing the use of limited resources. In so doing, the hope is that those being served can attain their maximum potential for wellness and quality of life.

Mission: To provide community mental health and social services to those with limited resources, and to do so in the spirit of Christ's example of love, compassion and respect for all persons.
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