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Northern Uganda has been described as the .. " Worst place to be a Child"..during its 20 year civil war an estimated 30,000-60,000 children were abducted by LRA rebels and forced to become child soldiers , sex slaves or killed. Approximately 1.5 million inhabitants were forcibly relocated into overcrowded , disease ridden IDP camps , miles from their original homes and farms .its is estimated approximately 1000 people a week died in the camps . The damage to to families , personal identity and psychological well being is incalculable . The children have suffered the most ; many are war or AIDS orphans , and live with elderly grandparents ; in child headed household or on the street .Most have never been allowed to experience a normal childhood and and many witnessed their siblings abductions or the death of their parents. Hunger is a constant challenge. TODAY'S CHILDREN , AFRICA'S FUTURE, is dedicated to providing a eduction to the most vulnerable of these children by identifing individuals , families and organizations , that will sponsor their education. And when necessary provided for other life necessities. We also provide a full-time specially trained adult sponsor to assist , council and nurture the child.

Mission: "TODAY 'S CHILDREN , AFRICA'S FUTURE TCAF's purpose is to help Northern Uganda's most vulnerable children and families ; those affected by war; AIDS; HIV, and extreme hunger, to become self-sufficient and rise above poverty utilizing education and sustainable farming practices.
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