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North Carolina African Services Coalition



North Carolina African Services Coalition (NCASC) is an IRS recognized 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides services to refugees, asylees, and victims of human trafficking who settle in Greensboro, NC. NCASC helps refugees with finding a place to live, offers services that lead to employment, and provides information on resettlement and the workings of American life.

Originally founded in 1997 as a community support organization for Greensboros African community, NCASC has since become a full-fledged refugee resettlement agency through grants with the NC Office of Refugee Resettlement and Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC). As such, NCASC is one of several organizations responsible for resettling newly arrived refugee families from all over the world into the Greensboro area. This includes assisting families in acclimating to their foreign environment, and tapping into a well-developed network of resources to achieve success in the areas of employment, education, finances, health, and more.

Many people who live here dont realize that Guilford County is home to North Carolinas largest and most diverse refugee population. According to the Center for New North Carolinians, Guilford County becomes home to an average of nearly 500 new refugees each year. These people come from a variety of countries and ethnic backgrounds. Included among Guilford Countys recent arrivals are groups from Somalia, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cuba, Bhutan and Nepal, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among others. These people strive to achieve stability, a fresh start and a chance for a brighter future for their families in the U.S.

NCASC provides services including employment and referrals to refugees, asylees, and victims of human trafficking who have been in the U.S. for less than 5 years. These includes recent arrivals who have resettled through African Services, former NCASC clients, and refugees referred from other agencies.

A community where its members are empowered, integrated, and contributing.

Passionate, Committed, Teamwork, Unity, Respectful, Inspiring, Trust, Community Empowerment, Diversity, and Professionalism

Empowering refugees and immigrants, providing vibrant leadership, building strong community relationships, providing sustainable service programs, creating a respectful resource center, and developing robust networking partnerships in the Triad.

Mission: The North Carolina African Services Coalition is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to empowering refugees and immigrants of the Triad through direct social services and employment programs. It serves as a one stop information source for refugees and immigrant communities to be self-sufficient and independent.
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