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Minis and Friends South Plains



Minis and Friends South Plains minis need help to work in the community 3+ hours one or more times a month. (some months we work every weekend)

You will be trained to work with our minis and then you will be asked to meet us at the location or you may get hands-on training the day of the event -- either way, we will train you the Do's and Donts of a visit or event. We promise it will be an exceptional way to give back to the community.

Minis and Friends visits with those that have special needs - children, youth, adult and seniors - or whom life's circumstances have created a special need. Please see our webpage to learn about how you can help too --

Perfect opportunity for a small team (corporate) or friends or family members 14 and up or retired folks. We like to have 2 mini handlers per miniature horse at every visit.

Have fun and do something unique - the minis love people and we need your help.

"Won't you help a mini today?"

Mission: Mini Hooves Touching Many Hearts
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