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Mobius Spokane



Mobius Spokane has two sites available for youth in the Inland Northwest to experience science, technology, math, engineering, and arts.

Mobius Kids Children's Museum - A children's museum, providing a safe, nurturing place for young children and their families to learn and grow through hands-on activities in the arts, culture and science.

Mobius Science Center - A world-class science center providing hands-on interactive experiences that bring science and technology to life.

To ensure that students are curious, creative problem solvers who are interested in science, engineering and technology, Mobius Spokane is collaborating with public educational service districts, private, parochial and home schooling communities as well as the regions brain trust of inventors and innovators. Mobius Spokane is developing the most accessible and effective programs to ensure that students of all backgrounds are provided the opportunity to experience and celebrate learning to captivate their minds and incubate rewarding professional careers with leading local companies as well as their own original enterprises.

Mission: To stimulate minds, inspire careers and instill wonder across the Inland Northwest with thought-provoking, entertaining and experiential science programs and exhibits.
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