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Paws and Prayers



Paws and Prayers was incorporated as a rescue in July of 2001. We are a network of fosters that help rehabitate animals in the safe and secure setting of a loving foster home.

In the first year over 200 dogs and cats were saved, the second year: 300, the third year: 400, the fourth year: 600 and it has kept going up since then. In this last year, 2011, Paws and Prayers saved 1460 animals.All the adoption fees and donations go towards food and high medical costs. We have dogs who come in the door needing surgery or puppies who contract parvo or other maladies. We have pets that have been left at the pound due to medical conditions their former owners did not want to pay for, and animals surrendered due to death or infirmity of caretakers. The concept of Paws and Prayers was that a foster can take the animal that touches their heart, nurse and mentor that animal until he/she can find his/her fur-ever home. It has worked over and over again and will continue to work with your help. You can find more information about becoming a foster parent here or donate here to help us continue our work.

And of course, when you are looking for your next pet, please consider a rescue animal!

Mission: Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home unwanted dogs and cats; to prevent overpopulation through spay/neuter; to restore dignity, trust and quality of life for neglected, abused and homeless dogs and cats; to find the best home for each dog and cat in our care; to educate adopters and our community on pet care, spaying/neutering, training and suitable animal selection for their lifestyle; to provide a network of resources, volunteers and fosters for animals, animal shelters/pounds and the community.
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