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Chuck Jones Center for Creativity



Our vision:

Creative, imaginative thinking is the catalyst for positive social change.

Creativity, as it expresses itself, is unique, courageous, and imaginative.

Laughter and a touch of the absurd are liberating.

Creativity without focus, persistence, and discipline is chaos.

The innate creative spirit within each of us can inspire personal growth and the desire and ability to enrich life for others.

Our purpose: To further the Center for Creativity's mission and the original vision of Chuck Jones, the Center's purpose is to use the resources of Chuck's art, writings, and unique creative perspective to enrich the lives of others through programs that encourage active participation by people of all ages.

While the experiential programs themselves--art exhibitions, classes in creativity, lectures, presentations, and other activities--will change to correspond to pressing needs within the community, the essential purpose to enrich through education, public outreach, and the life of the imagination remains steady.

Mission: The mission of Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is to foster creativity, especially in young people, using the drawings, films, writings, and other works of legendary animation director, Chuck Jones, as inspiration.
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