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Wyland Foundation



The Wyland Foundation was founded in 1993 by marine life artist Wyland. Since then, Wyland Foundation has become a leader in sharing environmental knowledge and inspiring action in the world's youth.

Here is a partial list of our Programs:

Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Center - This program provides an innovative solution for schools that need an affordable way to increase student knowledge of the function of watersheds and increases understanding of the impact that children, their families, and communities have on these systems and on the ocean.

Water's Extreme Journey Maze - Through exploration, scientific inquiry, artistic expression, and action, visitors experience the water cycle, understand the science behind water purity, and realize the power each individual has to make a difference. The 1,000-square-foot, Wyland-themed maze transforms each visitor into a drop of water that allows the visitor to travel through different watershed habitats, including lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, bays, and oceans.

Wyland Clean Water Challenge: Exploring Aquatic Ecosystems - This nationwide classroom program instructs and inspires young people everywhere about marine science and the preservation of water quality on our planet. The program uses an art and science based, interdisciplinary approach to environmental education and conservation. The lessons and activities align with national science and art education standards, targets grades 5-8 and has adapatations for K-12 use.

Wyland Clean Water Challenge: Newspaper-in-Education (NIE) Programs - Five supplemental NIE programs devoted to environmental science provides additional activities to classroom programs based on current events.

Mission: The Wyland Foundation is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world's ocean, waterways, and marine life. The foundation encourages environmental awareness through education programs, public arts projects, and community events.
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