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American Heart Association of Orange County



Have you got 33 seconds, that is all it takes for someone to die from heart disease. If you think about it, it's all about time. It's all about saving lives. Time may not mean alot to you right now. But just think, one of every 2.4 deaths is from heart disease. It's the number one killer in the U.S. and it doesn't have to be. But to accomplish this, we need you. We have a mission and we need your suppport. Together we can enjoy time rather than worry about it. The American Heart Association in Orange County is a group of volunteers with professional staff support who are concerned about the public health threat of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The Orange County AHA is a component of a larger AHA organization in the belief that being aligned with this unified effort gives us greater organizational capacity to address the heart disease and stroke problem locally. Last year, nationally the AHA spent more than $251 million for research support, public and professional education, and community programs.

Mission: To reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Impact Goal: To reduce coronary heart disease, stroke and risk factors by 25 percent by the year 2010.
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