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Project Cuddle



Project Cuddle is a non-profit organization that offers safe and legal alternatives to baby abandonment. We run a confidential toll-free 24-hour hotline for pregnant girls and women who find themselves scared and feel that they have no hope or that anyone can help them through this frightening time in their lives. Many are hiding their pregnancies, are near birth term, have no plans for their babies once born, and need prenatal care. They dont want anyone to know their secret. Every pregnancy is kept confidential. We work with girls and women throughout the United States and Canada.

Project Cuddle provides educational materials at no cost to schools that are interested in sharing them with their students. Our "Believe Campaign" helps make students aware of options available to them other than abandonment of a newborn. Our school video features our national spokesperson, John Stamos, as well as Mary Stewart Masterson, Kathy Najimy and Paula Abdul. It has been distributed across America. We participate in assemblies conducted to help educate high school and college students.

Project Cuddle helps frightened girls/women through a difficult time in their lives. Some will call 1-888-628-3353 and speak with a caring volunteer, while others will email us via our web site. Once we are contacted, we listen and offer ways we can help. Many need guidance to medical care and counseling. Some just need emotional support. We tailor each case to the specific girl or woman as needed. Many choose adoptive families who have been carefully screened, while the rest will get support, guidance and confidence to raise their babies. Our goal is to have each baby safe, and each birthmother proud of the decision she has made.

Project Cuddle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our crisis line was created in 1996 and is able to continue because of the generous support of donors like you. We have a small staff and a large base of volunteers to keep our charity running. Our Advisory Board and Board of Directors are all volunteers

Mission: Our Mission is to stop the ever growing epidemic of baby abandonment and neonaticide. Along with emotional support we aim to find confidential, safe and legal options to give each girl or woman in crisis.
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