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Planned Parenthood - Northern California



The Planned Parenthood Promise:Creating hope for humanity: The freedom to dream, to make choices, and to live in peace with our planet.

The Planned Parenthood promise reflects our core values and deepest aspirations for ourselves and the world. It is a statement of what we want to be that transcends what we will do to fulfill that promise over the next 25 years.

The world we envision is one in which all people possess and pursue their own dreams. We see a world in which people will be free to make life's most profound choices about childbearing and relationships in harmony with those dreams. We have hope that humanity will someday live in peace and harmony with our fragile global environment so that future generations will thrive. The Planned Parenthood promise is to work toward creating the will, the technology, and the enduring political and legal structures to make this vision a reality.

Mission: Planned Parenthood: Shasta-Diablo promotes and protects sexual health, reproductive freedom, and social justice through services, education and advocacy.
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