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Celebrate NJ!



Celebrate NJ! currently offers a number of online writing programs for students in grades K - 8. Each is designed with a NJ focus and support grade appropriate curriculum. The 4th Grade NJ Studies program is a community building program that uses a statewide writing contest as its engine. Students research and write articles for an online newspaper, The New Jersey Scoop, by and for NJ's 4th graders. The Middle School STEP (Science, Technology and Environment Program) focuses its writing contest on NJ's rich legacy in science and technology and on issues related to NJ's environment. The Classroom Connection program is a cross-cultural, community building program that uses a Pen Pal approach to connect 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to each other, to the world around them, and to their own dreams. We offer poster and video contests, and have also just added the Powered by the Sun Creative Writing Contest for grades K-5.

Mission: To promote the best of New Jersey for generations to come, through supplemental classroom programs and innovative promotional initiatives.
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