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Linh-Sơn Buddhist Temple of Austin / Leander



As the Austin Vietnamese community grew, the second Chua Linh-Sơn temple in Austin was added in 1998, a new Prayer Hall (Chánh Điện) was built and had a Grand Opening in March 2013. The new temple is more conveniently located, more convenient for weekly meeting place. The Austin temple also provides a meeting place for the Linh-Sơn Buddhist Youth Association (Gia Đình Phật Tử Linh-Sơn Austin), We also offer Vietnamese Language classes, Vietnamese Traditional Martial Art (Bình Định Sa-Long-Cương) classes, Integral Taichi (Càn Khôn Thập Linh) classes, Computer Basics for Seniors, Guitar Club, ESL for adults, Vietnamese for non-Vietnamese adults which works to maintain Vietnamese Language and Culture in America. Venerable Thich Tri-Hue, the head monk, often travels back and forth between the two Austin-area temples and Houston as needed to conduct ceremonies or to be present at holidays.